Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rone - Human (Official Video)

La Blogothèque and Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux present, with the support of La Sacem, 'HUMAN' by #Rone live recorded at Château de Châteaudun (France)
'Human' is the first extract of Rone's upcoming album 'Room With A View' - Stream/order:
#RoomWithAView at Théâtre du Châtelet with (LA)HORDE and Ballet National de Marseille from March 5 to 14, 2020 - Tickets:

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During the meditative track "Human", the audience moves from darkness to
light, is surrounded by the mysterious intensity of the collective,
gradually discovering the cold walls of the medieval castle... and
finally the artist and his instruments, followed by a choir and their
walk together into the heart of the great ‘Salle des Tapisseries’. 

The choir is composed solely of fans of Rone, who responded to a call to
action on his social networks, to meet the artist and participate in
the filming.

"Listening to "Human", I immediately had an idea for a clip: very
cinematic, quite grandiose and aesthetically in harmony with other live
clips of "La Blogothèque". Plus, a film shot in an exceptional location
and visionary in its use of light.“ (Aelred Nils, director)

Directed by Aelred Nils

Sound production by Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet

Produced by La Blogothèque

Executive Producer - Anousonne Savanchomkeo

Production Manager - Philippine Graffard

Production Administrato -: Jonathan André

General Location Manager - Pierre Olivier

General Location Assistant - Maël Louchene

Director of Photography - Thomas Jacquet

Camera Assistant - Paul Chauvin

Chief Electrician - Brendan Spinec

Electrician - Alexis Bonnet

Sound Recording Operator - Félix Pozzo

Crane Operator - Adrien Perrault

Crane Technician - Marc Calvino

Crane Mechanic - Christian Michelin

Drone operator - Amaury Touzelet

Post-Production Director - Alexandre Sellem

Post-Production Assistant - Ambre Fournier

Editing - Aelred Nils

Calibration - Valentin Damon

Mixing & mastering - Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet

Artist in residence at George Sand's house and Château de Châteaudun by
the Centre des monuments nationaux with the support of Sacem

Centre des monuments nationaux chaired by Philippe Bélaval

General Director - Bénédicte Lefeuvre

Director of Cultural Development and Audiences - Edward de Lumley

Head of the Department of Cultural Events - Anne-Isabelle Vignaud

Video shot at Château de Châteaudun

Director - Martine Royer Valentin

Operational manager - Philippe Taton

As well as: Julien Bellahcène, Bernard Clouet, Théo Diers, Nicolas
Fontaine, Isis Jourda, Philippe Jourdain, Nadia Ktoul, Laure Ramette,
Carine Vidanova.

The rules of heritage conservation were respected during the shooting of
this video.

With Charlène Hervé, Angélique Barbier Pohu, Laure Clarenc, Christophe
Berger, Didier De Raeck, Thomas Cabel, Christophe Beaulieu,
Jean-Baptiste Pelletan, Celine Melet, Sarah Galerne, Aude Brieaut, Yann
Gravrand, Guillaume Barbé, Gaëtan Postorivo, Bruno Latournerie, Séverine
Legrand, Dorianne Wittoce, Jessica Monteiro De Castro, Cedric Feger,
Johan David, Thomas Roussel, Antoine Faure, Thomas Ollivier, Vivien
Despériès, Léon Barbot, Diane Bellanger, Polyxeni Mani

© & ℗ 2020 La Blogothèque & InFiné 

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