Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jade & State Of Mind - Highlander (IHR Remix)

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Taking a step back, the inventor looked upon his creation with a mixture of pride and awe. Above him towered a clockwork golem with blood of fire and skin of steel, a protector of that which he had ordained worthy of protection. It’s profile displayed the raw strength of the forges from which it had been wrought, actualized by the servos and motors which drove its mighty body forwards in lumbering motion. Atop its head roared a constant blaze, its uncontainable life energy surging forth from any available outlet in a ferocious display of raw vitality. In a contemplative moment, the inventor then looked upon himself, diminutive and weak by comparison to the champion he had created. He thought of its purpose, shedding a momentary tear for those like him who might fall under its wrathful gaze, but then shook his head with renewed resolve. “It must be done” he said to himself, “They have not the STATE OF MIND necessary to rule this world”. Turning his eyes back to the golem, the inventor set his titanic creation forth on its grim path with naught but a single nod.

With a bellowing roar of the blaze within its skull, the golem emerged from the forest of its creation in a moment of stark contrast as it began to take its creators vengeance upon the city that lay before it. It was itself a city of steel and flame, which tore relentlessly at the lands around it in an exploitative & all consuming hunger. Jets of flame shot forth from the golem’s maw as it tread upon the inferior structures beneath it, reducing that built of this hunger to the component parts it so wantonly consumed. As it stood within the inferno, the golem itself began to feel its own gnashing teeth, the heat of the flames slowly stripping its steel skin to the bone. With a final titanic roar the golem reached a point of criticality, exploding in a massive gout of flame and molten shrapnel which leveled all that remained of what had once been the great city. Watching from high within the forest, the inventor nodded his head in a farewell to his creation, assured by it’s ultimate cry that this land was safe once again from those who would do it harm.

STATE OF MIND returns to EATBRAIN with four reimaginings of their past tracks by themselves and others within the harder side of Drum & Bass. Receiving a flip by Italian neurofunk trio IHR is the notorious collab with label boss Jade 'HIGHLANDER', which features the addition of a motive & fluid reece bassline atop the track’s already driving drumbeat for a dancefloor devastating sonic combination. STATE OF MIND themselves present a VIP of GIANT, which smashes forth on massive drums accentuated by simultaneous bass stabs in a titanic sprint beneath detuned tonal sprites. BYPASS is remixed by MOB TACTICS, whom bypass nothing as they push the track into overdrive in a flurry of furious basses, frenetic arpeggios and brief moments of levity provided by snippets of vocals. Closing the EP is the SYNERGY remix of TIME SLIP FT. KRYPTOMEDIC, which rides the MC’s narration upwards in an ever intensifying crescendo towards a distorted realm of metallic basses that rocket out above their electrified companions and an unstoppable drumbeat. In all, the STATE OF MIND REMIXES morph some of the prolific duo’s most powerful track on EATBRAIN into monstrous new forms, setting them up for further dominance on future dancefloors.

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"State of Mind" (Remixed)
01. State of Mind - Giant VIP)
02. State of Mind & Jade - Highlander (IHR Remix)
03. State of Mind & Kryptomedic - Time Slip (Synergy Remix)
04. State of Mind - Bypass (Mob Tactics Remix)

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