Monday, April 29, 2019

DSP Releases his 'Destination' EP on Symmetry Recordings

The ‘Destination EP’ from DSP is his second release on Symmetry Recordings, following double-sided single ‘Unruly’ and ‘These Days’, which was dropped at the start of 2018. Receiving a plethora of support from the drum & bass world’s major tastemakers, DSP has continued to exploit his junglist roots, something he fell in love with following the purchase of his first tape pack. This has now led to him delivering the style which he’s slowly become renowned for. His own influences range over a variety of styles, merging both the lighter and darker sides of a genre he’s dedicated his life to. Spearheaded by Break, one of the most sought-after artists throughout drum & bass, Symmetry Recordings was the perfect home for his productions.

The vibe prevalent throughout his ‘Destination EP’ was planted by the positive feedback his last single on Symmetryreceived. The original aim was to bring the old school, jungle feel to his sound, updating this with the contemporary studio techniques also used for other types of music.

‘Signal’ is the first track showcased on DSP’s ‘Destination’ EP and it realigns you with his expert engineering and ability to cross divides within the genre.The EP then takes on a different direction through ‘Love Me’, building up to each breakdown with vocals that drift in and out of the mix. With every weighty drum pad and collection of beats brings together a sound which has become infamous on the Symmetry Recordings imprint, a revered hub throughout the dance music landscape. Title-track ‘Destination’ is also a testament to this, rolling through with patches of cascading drum beats and jungle-esque samples. ‘Head Down’ is another example of hismixed directions within a track, as DSP once again draws for the strident melodies of the softer side of his production, whilst hitting hard with every climatic rattle of drums.

This is one of the primary reasons why Break brought him into the fold of Symmetry; after such widespread backing for his previous release on the label, it was time for the producer to capitalize on the decades he’s spent committed to drum & bass.

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DSP returns to Symmetry with the Destination EP, featuring the rugged stepper that is 'Signal'.

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