Thursday, September 6, 2018

Black Sun Empire ft. State Of Mind - 'Ripsaw'

Black Sun Empire ft. Nymfo, State of Mind

‘Surge Engine / Ripsaw’
Released – 24th August

Exploring Ram’s back catalogue, there’s a host of artists offering their own take on its sound, whilst also creating their imperative place within drum & bass. Ram hasn’t just featured their innovative roster of artists, but they’ve also hosted guest appearances from equally influential names. Blackout figureheads Black Sun Empire are the next producers to take this opportunity, alongside Nymfo and State of Mind, presenting a double-sided single which pays homage to their formidable titles within the neurofunk subset. The release is technically streamlined, with an edge that tears through any commercial constraints.

Black Sun Empire join Dutch neighbour Nymfo for ‘Surge Engine’, merging together their undeniable dancefloor appeal and Nymfo’s dark, brooding undertones. It presents a more understated reverse, beginning with snapping, ominous instrumentals and clanking snares. The metallic undertow and its blaring flutes drag you into a surging mix, alluding to its track title whilst its impact becomes heavier between every layer. With each sixteen bars, more technicality floods the composition and you’re left to fully immerse yourself in the levels that Black Sun Empire and Nymfo can achieve as a conjoined force.
Then Black Sun Empire and State of Mind detonate ‘Ripsaw’ without hesitation. They bring two colossal production standards together, charging forward with dainty, yet somehow intimidating pads and a gradual climb into the unknown. As the record builds segment upon segment, you suddenly become aware of a hook beneath the surface which begins to set the scene. You’re then thrown through its chaotic descent, whilst crackling LFOs help keep its driving momentum, engineering an unstoppable record which has already over run the club circuit.

‘Surge Engine’ and ‘Ripsaw’ deliver another side of Ram’s sound and its one which is equally as important. Artists like Black Sun Empire, State of Mind and Nymfo have all helped build Ram as the powerhouse it’s known for, alongside its equally decorated roster.

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