Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vini Vici "set opening"@Hill Top Festival 2018 -Day 2-

Best for India!!!

set opening of Vini Vici @Hill Top Festival 2018 -Day 2-🌴🌈

Lyrics of "Great Spirit"

■■■ Original Lyrics ■■■
Wakan Tanka, Hunkaschila
Wohitika Oyate
Nagi Tanka, Tunkasila

Akicita, Oyate.
Wiyan Wakan, Hanhepi-Wi
Nakacijin, Oyate.

heyyy... ayy... hee... ooh!
Wakan Tanka, Hunkaschila.
Wohitika, Oyate.
Niyaha, Le Mita Cola.
Kiksuyapi, Oyate.
Wicoti, Mitawa Wichasha
Wakan Mitakuye, Oyasin.
He... Ayy... Heeee... Ahey!

■■■ Translation in English ■■■
Great Spirit, young man
Ferocious nation
Great Shadow, Grandfather

Warrior nation
Holy woman, the moon
faithful, nation

(a call to the Great Spirit)
Great Spirit, young man
Ferocious nation
feather, my friend
Remember, nation
My village, medicine
Man we are relatives
(a call to the Great Spirit)

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