Monday, May 28, 2018


"We are living in a feedback loop distorted by news feeds, viral marketing campaigns, thoughts & prayers, and marvel movie sequels. how did we get here? How do we minimize the feedback delay between measurement and improvement?"


"Feedback is defined as the sending and returning of information to a system. The primary function of feedback is to let a system know how it is doing relative to a desired state.

Taking a measurement causes a system response to bring the measured quantity closer to the goal, which in turn changes the measurement. The consequences of taking a measurement “feed back” to affect the overall system, creating a loop."

[Chris Sparks, "104: Systems Thinking"]


"We human beings are macroscopic structures in a universe whose laws reside at a microscopic level. As survival-seeking beings, we are driven to seek efficient explanations that make reference only to entities at our own level. We therefore draw conceptual boundaries around entities that we easily perceive, and in so doing we carve out what seems to us to be reality."

[Douglas R. Hofstadter, "I Am a Strange Loop"]


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lyrics, vocals, production by amber giles
the track was mastered by ryan forever

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