Friday, May 11, 2018

Bop - Untitled Pattern 48

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Picking up from where he left off, the microfunk dub-techno, junglist polymath that is Bop has dished out four new tracks for the 2nd volume of his ‘Untitled Pattern’ EP series. Where the Russian enigma’s unmistakable production moves towards the dancefloor more so than ever before.

The glitchy 8-bit stepper ‘Untitled Pattern 61’ lays the foundation of this EP giving a launchpad for the intrepid sounds we’ve come to expect from Bop.

The sub heavy, deep, rolling sound of 'Untitled Pattern 56' strikes with precise force for the definitive sound-system weapon. Distinctive stabs whip through the mix and a choppy shaker wraps this pattern up in a delightfully techy bow. Producers, take note.

‘Untitled Pattern 60’ keeps it raw and 4x4 as an energetic footwork hybrid that’s bouncy, fast and fun. After his extended voyage Bop touches down on terra-firma (for now at least) with ‘Untitled Pattern 48’. Expect a delirious euphoria to be induced by this lo-fi spaced out techno creation.

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