Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Roberto Clementi - 609 (Official Video)

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Video by V/PLASM
Roberto Clementi - Never Ending Mirage - Soma 519d

1. 609
2. No Ending Mirage
3. Swarm

After a short hiatus, Roberto Clementi return to Soma with the Never Ending Mirage EP. Making his debut on Soma almost 6 years ago, Clementi has wowed with his beautifully crafted, signature dub infused Techno sound - eventually releasing his first full length, N Lights in 2014. He has since been working hard to refine his sound even further and this latest EP has something a bit tougher in store whilst staying true to his sound.

609 opens the release and has Clementi on suitably deep and emotive form. Well crafted drums and percussive elements set the pace as sweeping, ethereal pads create a moving and elegant piece. Title track Never Ending Mirage toughens things up a little but still retains Clementi's immersive aesthetic. Broken beats charge down more cinematic feeling pads and strings, tied together by electrifying synths. Final track Swarms takes a more DJ tool approach - looped out synth hooks evolve and manoeuvre against a backdrop of pulsating rhythmic structures.

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