Friday, February 9, 2018

Crisis Era - Make Me Bounce [Official Music Video]

Crisis Era - Connections EP including 'Make Me Bounce' is out now on Barong Family

Stream / Download:
DOP/Video Production :
Kevin Gansemans
Matt Bekhterev
Silas Radies

VFX/Editing :
Gergo Szabo

‘We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that our first release on Barong Family is a statement of who we are as artists, down to the hand-painted cover art. Blood, sweat and tears went into this baby, and we’re grateful to Yellow Claw and the label for believing in us and encouraging us to be ourselves. It’s all you can ask for.’ – Crisis Era

Crisis Era make their official Barong Family debut after delivering not one, but two succesful Yellow Claw remixes in 2017. After giving ‘City on Lockdown’ and then ‘Do You Like Bass?’ the Crisis Era treatment and experimenting with their sound throughout the year, the Vancouver duo found themselves feeling increasingly at home at YC’s label. The four-track No Filter EP Vol. 1 is perfectly balanced by the familiar and the new, with both sides of the equation informed by the Canadians’ wild and carefree nature. ‘Drop it Low’ and ‘Make Me Bounce’, are trademark Crisis Era: fun party tracks with menacing bass and an almost cinematic production sheen. Featuring the Australian rapper Chatta, ‘Untouchable’ sees the duo messing with trap music and getting involved in some serious vocal and beat manipulation before crossing over to the other end of the spectrum on the Mike Cervello collaboration ‘Oldschool Sound’. It’s the sound of today’s experiment walking back thirty years of house music history before taking another leap forw

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