Friday, February 9, 2018

Bensley - 'Ascension'

Bensley - 'Ascension'

Bensley’s ‘Ascension’ opens yet another door for the Ram Records producer’s coveted story. It started with an online demo being passed along to the imprint’s head Andy C and his debut single being showcased on Zane Lowe’s primetime BBC Radio 1 slot. The newcomer’s debut LP ‘Next Generation’ was soon to follow, and was met with critical acclamation throughout both press and radio. Bensley’s namesake has only grown, with the producer becoming a pinnacle part of leftfield DJ sets and symbolising the next generation of the Ram Records roster.

On his forthcoming single, Bensley aims to further broaden his creative repertoire as he explores yet another avenue unheard by his fans: strictly dancefloor. In terms of its production, ‘Ascension’ highlights an incredibly hardwired sound design which can be heard right through to the track’s skeleton. Touching on themes of constant build and suspense, the track pulls you down on a much darker journey to those that Bensley might usually lead you. Whilst drawing from his already solid foundation in musical engineering, ‘Ascension’ unveils a new dimension to Bensley’s identity.
With another digital single adding to a discography which stands strong with his more longstanding predecessors, Bensley returns alongside a refreshing take on his original moniker.


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