Saturday, December 23, 2017

Tantrum Desire - Horizon EP [Technique Recordings]


Tantrum Desire has been one of Technique Recordings’ hottest properties for years. The ultra-slick, epically huge TD sound has been continually re ned and sculpted, culminating in the 2015 Diversified album and the subsequent volley of remixes. We’ve seen light and dark, power and subtlety, musicality and savagery, and, now, we’ve got a new four-track EP to test what further sonic reaches are yet to explore. 

Grimm opens into a melding swirl of mellow orchestral sounds and synth motifs. Don’t get too comfortable, though, things switch up as the lush sweeps and melodic touches are suddenly cut down by a battleaxe bass and building beats. We’re dropped into jaw-breaking metal sts of drum that stamp out the rhythm while that bassline blade cuts viciously through the mix. This is high-tech dance oor music for when it’s time for the ravers to get their head down and skank. 

We all know Tantrum Desire is capable of delivering emotion as well as aggression. And, as Laura Bayston’s vocals rise over the intro of Ricochet, we’re delivered a style simultaneously heartfelt and hard-edged. Even as the tune drops into beat and bassline mayhem, there’s a rising arpeggio that adds a pure dose of euphoria, and when an extra layer of soaring melody leads us back into the vocal, it’s game over. It’s a moment where we all get lost in the music. 

Then, we go one step darker. Dancing Shoes is precision-tooled tech, as layers of rhythm are built out of kicks, snares, stabs and arpeggiated gures, all delivered in a skippy triple-time package. Here’s where Tantrum Desire plays games with the dance oor, continually switching up patterns across the frequency spectrum, always keeping it rolling, but never losing that intrinsic shock-out sensibility. This is one that cries out for the reload. 

Then we get to the title track. The name Horizon conjures visions of expansive panoramic scenes, and so does this tune. Melodies merge and separate over Tantrum Desire’s trademark rock-solid, granite-tough beats and bass. There’s a modulating pulse that drives the track onwards, through shadow and sunlight, harmony and discord. We’re taken on a journey, but without the dance oor ever being le behind. Musicality and sheer rave vibes combine. 

This EP gets to the essence of what makes the Tantrum Desire sound resonate with ravers and selectors. There’s a lm-soundtrack magnitude to each piece that demands attention, whether the vibe is one of emotive floating or low-down violence. It’s rave-science in action and these tunes are going to explode in raves across the world and the genre spectrum 

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