Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Camo & Krooked 'If I Could' ft. Joe Killington (Spectrasoul Remix)

The second instalment for seminal electronic music act Camo & Krooked’s remix series proves that more is to come from its groundbreaking selection of featuring artists. Following their critically acclaimed LP Mosaik on the Ram Records / BMG imprint, they’ve returned to allow a host of artists across the dance music spectrum to take their most precious work and build upon its original track skeletons. The records showcased throughout the full package demonstrate the Austrian duo’s unbridled creative process, showing an ability to tap into the same A&R repertoire which helped them build such an inspired record. And for their next set of reworks, Document One and Spectrasoul were handpicked to bring their own moniker sounds into Camo & Krooked’s solid engineering.

Serious contenders within the UK bass scene, Document one are a pair well known for their putting their own twist on renowned music releases. Having already worked for the likes of Moby, Professor Green and Connor Maynard, they go for a more heavyweight style with Good Times Bad Times. Moulding the instrumentals prevalent throughout its intro with jazzier undertones, they then drop the track with bass-weight distortion levels and rocking drum beats. On the flipside, you’re drawn into Spectrasoul’s dainty chord progressions and filtered percussion throughout their take on If I Could. The drum & bass stalwarts appeal to their core audience whilst still utilising the melodic, vocal overtures of Joe Killington. With drum breakdowns which give their adaption a weightier feel, it showcases Camo & Krooked’s commitment to diversify a project that set the standard for their legacy.

Alongside the explosive first run of their live show tour, debuting across Austria, Camo & Krooked are solidifying the success of their fourth studio album. Their remix LP will only emphasise the dedication they have for not just the success of Mosaik, but also their influence across the wider electronic scene. Tastemakers and fans alike have backed this influence since its release.

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