Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Max Cooper - Veil of Time - Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin

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Max Cooper:"I always thought this music created the feeling of an enveloping weight grounding the body, something relaxing but dense and inescapable.

I started work on it many years ago as a chord progression which I used for the intro of a live set. So when I started this EP around interpretations of time, I dug out the old chord sequence as a starting point for 'Veil of Time', where I wanted to try and convey this inescapable and consuming nature of time, as well as its role in facilitating beauty through a simple process of change.

It's a simple piece of music, just some chords augmented with field recordings from Turkey, and some hints of a synth melody. It's supposed to be something to bring you out of all the complexities of the information barrage and back down to a basic experience.

Kevin McGloughlin has made another of his masterpieces with this idea too, something of an abstract time-stretching love story, which I'll leave him to explain!"

Kevin McGloughlin:"The film for Max Coopers 'Veil of Time' is the story of two people travelling in time together.

I wanted to represent how limited our mortal timeline is, how precious and important the moments we share truly are, and convey an intertwined timespan relative to the world that surrounds us.

The 'love story' unveiled itself almost unknowingly while I aimed at these aspects of time. My initial endeavour for the film was to capture human movement and explore ways to interpret time by displacing the motion, however the 'narrative' became more substantial than the techniques and as a consequence, I focussed my efforts in that respect.

The film features performances from Eoin McGloughlin and Morgan Bonel and was shot in County Sligo, Ireland, using a Sony FS700.
As ever, I was totally honoured to work on this commission with Max and Co.

Life is Short.Time shared is time spent well :) "

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