Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bass 101 by DJ Fresh

Follow my new playlist Bass 101 here: www.TheDjFresh.com/Bass101

Ever go running and find yourself constantly skipping tracks?

Well I do, and it inspired me to put this short video together...

Thanks to the awesome Paul Nicholls, Toon van Broeck and Emily Ember for their help!

If you like it, tweet me and we'll make more!

DJ Fresh vs Roska 'Keep your head up' coming soon...

Bass 101 is a passion project of mine. I spend a lot of time searching for the heaviest new tracks from across the globe. These are the tracks that I would be putting in my set if I were out there DJ'ing and no doubt will be when I'm back out there in 2019

Please send me suggestions for the playlist. I'm on the look out for the hottest, freshest bass cuts, signed and unsigned.



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