Saturday, September 2, 2017

Kinjaz Dojo China Grand Opening

Yep. We opened up a studio in China. Alongside our dearest friends, Sinostage. This is the Kinjaz Dojo China experience.

"Kinjaz and Sinostage began working together in early 2014. Sinostage was newly established , and Kinjaz was establishing its international reputation. The two sides immediately bonded and shared values and stylistic sensibilities. They formed a close relationship and that human connection - more than anything else - became the foundation for fruitful future cooperation.

In 2015, Kinjaz and Sinostage launched ARENA, an international urban dance brand dedicated to superior quality live events, design, and digital media. Along with VIBRVNCY - Kinjaz and Sinostage redoubled their commitment to collaboration, investing mutual faith in each other and the community. The mission of Arena is to create a platform that, through the medium of dance, will connect cultures across the world, promote creative expression, and improve the lives of artists.

The opening of Kinjaz Dojo China marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Kinjaz x Sinostage partnership. As an extension of Kinjaz Dojo LA, it is intended to be a portal, connecting dancers across continents. We believe that a dance studio is more than just a room with mirrors: it is a place where you can transform into the person you want to be. We hope that this unique space will inspire and empower, and that its visitors will not only learn a set of movement, but the power of creative collaboration and community support as well. We are here to offer a path - it is up to you to to step foot inside and move forward in your journey to self discovery.

Respect all, fear none."

Choreography by: @mikeosong & @_anthonylee_
Assisted by: @_apple_yang
Performed by: Anthony Lee, Charles Nguyen, Mike Song, Pat Cruz, & Sinostage
Filmed & Edited by: Vibrvncy
Music by: Ahh Ooh "Carefree with Me"
Special Thanks: Sinostage

Go forth, and join the
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