Saturday, September 9, 2017

Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle

Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle

BellaBassFly will be shining a spotlight on underground female Dj's who are making waves in the underground music scene. Living up to our full potential is pivotal for our growth. These ladies never question their contributions to underground music. Too busy to be concerned with Naysayers. These women are certainly living life in refreshing "real time" ambitious creativity. These ladies know how to move a room! Deborah De Luca another outstanding DJ who is not only beautiful but has a mind to back it up! Making waves in underground electronic music world. TECHNO!!!! Her DOPENESS ensues. We do not need convincing, her beats destroy!


☞ Deborah de Luca

Thanks to the beautiful Château de Chambord for their warm welcome (

Thanks to our partners Topito Voyage, Greenroom, Le Routard, Région Centre-Val de Loire, My Loire Valley, Techno Germany, Deep House Tech House Minimal Techno,, Techno Festival & ONLY TECHNO.

Video credits:

Artist: Deborah de Luca
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Directed by: Derek Barbolla
Assisted by: Pol Souchier, Quentin Eynaud, Agathe Faccendini & Aurélien Moisan
Directors of photography: Anatole Vaillant & Jérémie Tridard
Photograph: Alexandre Brisa
Live Editor: Pol Souchier
Sound Engineer: Timothée
Technical partner: FL Group

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