Friday, June 5, 2015

Why Hate Is Ruining The Underground Music Scene By Bella Bass Fly

Once upon a simpler time... Underground music seekers would collect flyers and extensive "hotline numbers" these digits would help party goers locate underground events at secret locations. These locations harbored a slue of different musical artists as well as a pretty mixed bag of people coming together under one sky, roof, bridge etc.. for the sake of happiness, fun, good spirits in the  sacred name of PLUR! We never had the LUXURY of clicking a link and and knowing in less than 5 minutes where we were going.  We didn't wave our hands in the air when we got there. There was no fist pumping unless you were still waiting in line and you could here the clap of bricks beckoning your soul in and onto the dance floor.

We met beneath the pillars, we swang on swings in the club. The birds danced in cages. The fashion was fierce and the people you met wore their profile.  You were not remembered for your timeline but your essence and energy. I feel bad for the new age of party goers milled like cattle into mainstream EDM. Referring to festivals like Coachella as  a "RAVE" .... This is blasphemy!

Information and instant gratification has replaced curiosity and adventure. It is no longer about a scavenger hunt for fun and excitement but a witch hunt and a public assassination of ethic and character. Who are these individuals who are allowed to speak on "our" behalf when it comes to music? When did electronic dance  music become the proverbial whipping boy?  The fight for profit and individual greed motivating terrible behavior not representative of our sacred culture.

 I stay very positive and promote many artists. I also have become the target of negativity due to a viewer expressing their disgust with artists. The point of this blog was always to open the discussion but amazingly people tend to stay pretty respectful on my page and not so chatty. I want to know, if you don't like a video or artist. Articulate your views in a respectful constructive manner.

The beef between Zo & Deadmau5 is beyond embarrassing for each and everyone of us. I hope anyone reading this understands that if you are  negative  you are ruining everyone's vibe!  Not everyone needs to know how you are feeling at all times. The world is not a competition and insulting people doesn't make you look better it only makes you look bored!!!

All of this negative hatred has segregated the party scene. Underground events are crippled with low attendance and EDM festies are stale , over priced cesspools of  fist pumping, publicized sexual acts  & synthetic drug consumption! Who wins here? None of us, maybe the party execs using money machines to count trash bags of dough. Producers slamming each other over social media gaining "likes" and "follows" for harsh comments instead of musical skill set. We need to take our scene back. If you wanna beef then maybe you should be at a hardcore gangster rap show.... (It may not be a good idea to express yourself there either)  ;)

 We must come together as a community and lift each other up. I promote a ton of artists. Each and everyone has special qualities.  Each time someone bashes another artist and we feed into the propaganda we loose our footing as a culture.  Learn from each other and for god sakes if you are a hater please cross your legs! Hate is ruining the underground music scene....

                                                                                                                                   --- BellaBassfly

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