Sunday, June 7, 2015


Check out A-Traks' intro to  his Gold Gone Wild set at The Paradise
Rock Club in Boston, Ma. The immediate start is pitch black so please be
patient for the 1st 16 seconds of intro audio! Wether A-Track is solo
or part of  Duck Sauce he delivers an outstanding set! A-Trak is high
energy and full of good vibes! Not the artist to miss. He is happy to
entertain us and entertaining he is!!! Thanks A-Trak!!!! The Paradise
rock Club staff was very inviting and friendly with smiles all around.
The venue is similar to New Havens Toads Place but The Paradise Rock
club Provides a very large balcony for patrons viewing pleasure. I'm
very short so I was only able to shoot from where I fit. When A-Trak hit
the stage all standing room was gone!

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