Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PHOTO BLOG Beats Antique Creature Carnival Tour SHPONGLE (SIMON POSFORD DJ SET) , EMANCIPATOR & More!!!!

Beats Antique Creature Carnival Tour, October 24th 2014. The Oakdale Theatre Wallingford, Ct.
The press release for this tour was beyond tempting!

"Electronic/World fusion dance trio Beats Antique brings you their new album and multi-media touring show A Thousand Faces, a journey beyond the sonic realm that’s part odyssey, part genre-warping rock opera. The album is an epic two-volume adventure that follows every stage of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey with sweeping and lushly textured new compositions. While the fully immersive show will carry audiences through the complete journey, A Thousand Faces" ... Not the typical press you read for an event or album... I  have known for some time that  Beats Antique were very unique... I had no idea would ever see them!


Tranquil moments



The Creature Carnival Tour transformed "The Dome" at Oakdale Theatre ... Morphing the dome shaped concert hall into a euphoric display of  beautiful light and colorful charactors! I almost forgot where we were. Beats Antique certainly knows how to entertain a crowd and keep the attention of each and every attendee. True professionalism... Beats Antique are truly a great!







What an amazing show! It was one thing after another! The audience loved the show! KUDOS!!!


Sensational show! Beats Antique, thank you for being the outstanding performers you are and giving us a breath of fresh air! ENCORE!!!!!1 ENCORE!!!!


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