Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FanBoy - “Give Em” (Official Video)

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The Montreal and Madrid based duo have materialized quite mysteriously—both with separate musical projects of their own and a trickle of bootleg releases together. Their inaugural release of original material is their self-titled EP FanBoy, a five-track set that plays as a stanch homage to timeless dance music. Their track “Give Em” has been given the music video treatment and THUMP has your exclusive first look.

The video pieces together scenes from the motion captured, computer animated film works of Christian Volkman’s 2006 film Renaissance. The track is equipped with a pogoing beat, a fleeting high-hat patter and vocals that the dance music legends of the early 90s would baptize in their sets proudly.

FanBoy EP will be available through Rare Beef on October 21.

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