Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gramatik - Brave Men feat. Eskobars (Official Music Video)

Gramatik - Brave Men feat. Eskobars (Official Music Video)

Gramatik - Brave Men feat. Eskobars

Production: I Me Mine
Artist: Gramatik

Executive Producer: Denis Jašarević
Script: Joe Zohar & Anže Koron
Director: Joe Zohar
Director of Photography: Anže Koron
Editor: Joe Zohar & Anže Koron
Assistant Camera: Luka Matijevec
Postproduction: NuFrame
Color grading and compositing: Teo Rižnar
Special effects: Miha Rainer
Assistant Director: Andrew Coury
Associate Producer: Blake Nichols
Associate Producer: Jimmy Uddo
Gaffer: Louis Zlotowicz
Grip: Aaron Harper
Location Manager: Albert Quaid
Casting Director: Lauren Boudreaux
Props: Marcy Willmann
Drone Operators: Jed Colledge & Trevor Lott (Gigawatt Productions)
Making of: Andrew Coury
P.A.: Emily Lintinger
Makeup: Lucy O'Reilly
Hair: Jennifer Hodges

Nina Varano
Chris Rawls
Sharon Farmer

Jon Arthur
Jef Ayres
Jim Lowry

Carl Singleton
Chauntrell Shelby

Ashley Abendschein
Ashley Andel
Vinquelia Beverly
Rachel Carlino
Cindy Chung
Blakely Darsam
Remonda Davis
Julie Grant
Natoya Green
Tomasena Jiles
Mary Kerns
Suzonne McCroy
Jade Morgan
Christen Oats
Dayna Parker
Brooke Pierce
Crystal Robertson
Page Romano
Jennifer Rome
Aj Alicia Maria Ylizaliturri
Amber Carter
Christy Moritz
Aimee Savoy

Special thanks:
Kim & Tim
Alex Molina & Kristin Nielson
Marissa & Mr. Joseph

The tale was inspired from human nature and set in an undefined place and time - illustrating how nothing is ever what it seems and that we all have our secrets. It is a story about strong women and the cowardly men who don't deserve them.

Music video was filmed on different locations in New Orleans, LA. 

I Me Mine
May 2014

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