Monday, May 8, 2023

Painting a Huge Surf Mural for HBO at Venice Beach!

 As a commercial muralist myself I can only imagine the headache a short boom lift could cause! Kiptoe adding more ambience to the already very painted Venice Beach. This wall is perfect. There are not too many unpainted walls in Venice! What are the odds that CJ would walk up! A very serendipitous moment! NO WAY! This is literally one of the best programs on TV πŸ“Ί period! What an honor to be hand chosen by HBO. What people don’t realize is drip marks, poop πŸ’© etc can ruin a Mural quickly. Lots of problem solving involved.  Godspeed Kiptoe!!!! I    Know what it’s like to paint height with a roller and the amount of muscle discipline needed to achieve the goal. NOT EASY. Now I want to paint Nazare Canyon! Dope work Kiptoe! 


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