Friday, May 19, 2023

INZO - Earth Magic (ft. Elohim) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

 “Ican't begin to say how excited I am to finally share this music video with you all. I got to travel to some really beautiful parts of this Earth to capture some its magic that's out there.. existing every second of every day. There's a lot of of doom and gloom out there but there's also so much beauty. We really just have to go out and seek it to maximize our times of enjoyment in our lives. It's so healing to immerse yourself in it & I encourage everyone and anyone to make the trip to some place where you can feel Earth's Magic. I say "magic" because in a way.. there are aspects of nature that exist out there that seem so implausible that it seems like magic. Like the fact that we are able to hear sound the way that we do.. our atmosphere is such a perfect medium for us to hear and perceive sound the way we do.. & with the right combination of sound frequencies, tones, melodic combinations.. we're able to feel sooo many things from them. Feelings of euphoria, happiness, sadness, inspiration, anger, relief.. and list goes on. The fact that that can just.. happen.. seems pretty darn magical to me. Ahhh I'm just so grateful that you guys have supported me & my music thus far, to allow me to spend the dollar to travel & make a video like this. I know it doesn't capture the MOST beautiful things on this Earth.. a video for that would probably have to be hours long haha. But there are some of the places we were able to go: Italy (Tuscany, The Dolomites, Abruzzo, Otronto) New Mexico (Ship Rock), Arizona (Brain Rocks, and various random places we found along the way), Utah (various random places again haha)”
I hope this song & video resonates with you in any way.. Enjoy 💜 Shot & Edited by @EmadRashidi VFX & Additional Editing by @iancrann Stream / Download: Released via @Lowly

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