Monday, April 17, 2023

The Eagles - Hotel California - Reimagined on the Traditional Chinese Gu...

“This time I will bring you a fun loop form! Different from the previous multi-part ensemble, it is possible to complete a piece of music in one go, and the process is quite interesting“ The use of guitar in Hotel California can be regarded as one of the classic arrangements in history, especially the 1994 live version. So I made some deletions in the vocal part, focusing on the two guitar solos of the prelude and the ending. Hope you like it!” The costume this time is Wei Jin style wide-sleeved cross-collared Hanfu. For the convenience of plucking the instrument, panbo are added. (襻膊, pàn bó, originated from the Song Dynasty, a tool used to roll up the sleeves for easy operation), the hat is a hand-woven straw hat, the overall mix and match looks relatively "plain", and it feels like the rice planting will start in the next second hahahahahahaha~ Hope you like it! Remember to subscribe to this channel! Please subscribe to my channel!

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