Monday, April 24, 2023


 Good evening ladies and gents ! thanks a lot for watching this video ! music : French 79 - Between the Buttons Long time no see ! sorry about that, but I am now mostly flying under NDA or getting footage under contract.... so I don't really have much to play with and show you ! ! hopefully this will change at the end the year once everything gets released. Anyway ! : We got an amazing day with the Toussaint brothers and Ambroise S. the flying machine :) First time this stunt is done this way, it was a lot of fun to be part of it !! and just opens on more ideas for the future !! I love these people so much, they are so good at what they do, and always keep pushing !! Thanks so much for your support on all networks, take care everybody, and happy flying !! Special thanks to : Tony Cake at Immersion RC : Ivan Jelusic at Orqa : Jin Cheng at Xnova Motors : Maxime Lecchi at Powerloop Racing : Hugo Chamberland at True RC : Florian Wolf at Wolf Drone Shop : Belle Cen at BonkaPower : Robert Holik at APC Props : Daniele Dorigatti at Raptor Composite GEAR I USE: -Frame: 6 inch CHASER V2 from POWERLOOP RACING -Flight Controller: can't spoil yet -ESC : can't spoil yet -Props: APC Props 6x6 -Motors: XNOVA 2208 1500 KV -Fpv cam: Foxxer PREDATOR micro -HD cam: Gopro HERO 11 black -Rx: Ghost Hybrid ultimate -Vtx: Ghost Hybrid ultimate -Antenna : True RC Matchstick 200 mm -Lipos. BonkaPower 1800 mAh 6s FPV GOOGLES : -Orqa FPV.One Pilot -Immersion RC RapidFire -Antennas: True RC X²-AIR 5.8 MK II - OCP 5.8 CONTROLLER : -Taranis X9D+ -Ghost TX

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