Thursday, April 13, 2023

Embrace DISCOMFORT - Sony FX3 Cinematic Short Film

Color graded with my brand new Signature Cine Luts: Embrace DISCOMFORT. My new Cinematic Short Film from our recent winter trip in Iceland. Ever since I picked up a camera my whole life changed and it's still unbelievable that I get to do what I do for a living, but it didn't come easy to me. I had to work hard for everything I have, taking some of the biggest risks of my life, not listening to what everyone else was saying, having the courage to dream big and step outside my comfort zone and pursue what truly made me happy. This year I'm looking to take my cinematography to a whole new level and bring you something new, something different! Be surprised what you find when you climb out your comfort zone! A lot went into creating this one and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that made this video possible! Special thanks to @withdoina for doing most of the job ;) and supporting all my crazy ideas! Thanks to Sony, Happy Campers, Glacier Encounter, Glacier Trips, Northsailing, Jokull Veigarsson, fstop, PolarPro, Bardur Oli and Konata Small. ▶ All these shots were color graded with my brand (NEW) Signature Luts: ▶ (New) Signature Cine Luts - ▶ Cinematic Drone Luts - ▶ DJI Mavic 3 Cinematic Luts - ▶ Photo Presets - ▶ Vintage Film Overlays - ▶ Mobile Cinematic Luts - ▶ Where I get all my MUSIC (+2 Months FREE on ARTLIST): ▶ Best Stock Footage (+2 Months FREE on ARTGRID): ▶ Best Templates (+2 Months FREE on MOTION ARRAY): ▶ Best ND Filters for your Camera/Drone - Amazon USA ▶My main camera - ▶My main drone - ▶Best value drone - ▶My second camera - ▶Best Lens - ▶Best (budget) Lens - ▶Mic - ▶Best ND FIlter - Amazon Germany ▶My main camera - ▶My main drone - ▶Best value drone - ▶My second camera - ▶Lens - ▶Mic - ▶Best ND Filters - Amazon UK ▶My main drone - ▶Best value drone - ▶My go to drone - ▶DJI Mini & Mini 2 Filters - ▶My main camera - ▶My second camera - ▶Lens - ▶Mic -
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