Wednesday, January 4, 2023

We Are One / Stunning 3D Projection Mapping Art for Lusail Digital Media...

In both of our concepts for Lusail Digital Media Festival, continuous building transformation is an accentual and strong visual element. We open and transform the façade with 3D illusions, and we tell the story with transitions leading from one part to another. This makes the piece increasingly exciting and extremely scenic, creating an artwork with a pull that sucks the audience in to walk with us in another world. The visual of We Are One focuses on lines that connect - soccer field lines, goal nets, and ribbons that connect the countries to Qatar. It's an abstract visual world that depicts how the love of football connects the people of the countries. The lines and the building itself form and transform as the story unfolds just as football transforms culture and our hearts as we root for our teams, but unite in the love of the game. The world’s best sports teams have unique identities, which are synonymous with their countries or regions – think of the All Blacks’ rituals symbolized by the Haka, or FC Barcelona being the representation of Catalonia to the world. These teams are defined by their existing cultural conditions; it unites them to a following and inspires the next generation. We took this inspiration and used it to unite individuals and transform the mass into a community, people interconnected. Art direction: Csaba Világosi Animation: Alex Riczkó, Bettina Vöröss, Csaba Világosi, Soma Sárffi Music and sound: Csilla Domonkos Production and project management: Zsuzsanna Benkó

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