Sunday, January 1, 2023



Music : Ludovico Einaudi - Experience (Starkey Remix) This past year got as powerful ups than downs which made it a difficult one... Thought I'm ready to keep on going and keep pushing in 2023. !! :) I'm so thankful living amazing adventures like these, and will keep trying to create occasions... the development of the drone fleet is real, and i'm very excited to see what all these new machines can do !! should be quite awesome ! Some words about some shots in this video : I think I definitely edited this video with my heart more than anything... it was important for me to show many shots that hasn't been shown / posted already. but obviously, many of them aren't "perfect" shots, but it's also interesting to show the difficulties I hit. Filming wingsuit really pushes the gear to their last limits (and the pilot also haha) for exemple, the shot at 57'' is vibrating like hell and is definitely a "unusable shot" from my pov, but actually I think it's the fastest flight I ever did, it's for sure above 230km/h I flew the whole line full throttle and the battery went in the bin straight away. Being in high altitude and crazy cold, these are situations you cannot reproduce while testing, so there is actualy no way to know if the drone is gonna work well or not... ;) For the next shot, I did put it in cuz it's an amazing moment I shared with Tomerik, but same, it's not supposed to be used cuz unstabilizable... logging the gyro with an instago2 has limits batterywise when you shoot a lot of times in a row. Though some would say that these shaky movements adds to the action feeling... for the shot at 1'30'', I'm just so happy to be able to push these drones that fast, cuz here Veush is not adapting his flight for me, I'm truly filming his sport as he would do it if I wasn't there. thats awesome ! I'm slowly closing in on the goal of building fast enough drones ;) 2'11'' probably a world first for Veush here ^^ 3'40'' How incredible is Zip at tracking hey ? !! ;) this shot shows the top performance of both him and my Komodo rig. Super long and fast flight, precise piloting, yes from some povs the movements could be improved, I'm working on it. 4'20'' Matt we miss you. 4'38'' there is an awesome Easter egg in the bottom left corner you probably didn't see !!! the way Veush flairs up looks so awesome ! 5'00'' my piloting in this shot is a huge fail ! 2 really bad stick inputs, + no gyro log on this one either + 2 disgusting black stains on the lens.... well this shouldn't be shown ! BUT this was such an incredible moment, the organization the get something like this is crazy heavy and difficult, (was all legal btw) I will never thank enough the people yeah, The moment was to important so the shot has to go in at list as a souvenir, and/or for me to remember how many things can go south and kill a shot ;) and actualy the video is so long that nobody will see it ( or read this^^) anyway, many awesome experiences this year, many things learned, many to improve, lets see how hard we can push in 2023 I you read this, thanks a lot for your support thats awesome ! ! Take good care and happy flying !! GEAR I USE: -Frame: 6 inch CHASER V2 from POWERLOOP RACING -Flight Controller: can't spoil yet -ESC : can't spoil yet -Props: APC Props 6x6 -Motors: XNOVA 2208 1500 KV -Fpv cam: Foxxer PREDATOR micro -HD cam: Gopro HERO 11 black -Rx: Ghost Hybrid ultimate -Vtx: Ghost Hybrid ultimate -Antenna : True RC Matchstick 200 mm -Lipos. BonkaPower 1800 mAh 6s FPV GOOGLES : -Orqa FPV.One Pilot -Immersion RC RapidFire -Antennas: True RC X²-AIR 5.8 MK II - OCP 5.8 CONTROLLER : -Taranis X9D+ -Ghost TX

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