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Title: DUBS IN LIMBO EP Rel Date: 7th Oct 2022 Label: GHOST TOWN Format: Digital | Stream | Vinyl Track Listing: 1. Light It Up Caspa.feat Crazy D 2. Drifter 3. Bump This 4. Outstanding 5. Family Limbo... A unique place that indicates a state of being forgotten, an imaginary location for lost or neglected things and a special type of stasis for dubs. A limbo life between the realms of WIP and general release where only a select few DJs have access and can whip up crowds with it. A limbo life that’s riddled with blown minds, ID requests and total exclusivity. A limbo life that’s reality for a select few but aspiring for the rest of us...until now. As Caspa drops five very special tracks that have all existed in that imaginary location over the last few years: ‘Dubs In Limbo’ Marking the start of a new slew of dispatches from the Ghost Town bossman, ‘Dubs In Limbo’ is a unique, full spectrum release that reflects every shade and style of the dubstep pioneer. One of his most diverse and varied EPs in many years, each of the five tracks has a special reason for being prior to their life in limbo. ‘Light It Up’ is the perfect opener. A link-up with long time friend and untiring instantly recognisable voice of dubstep and soundsystem culture Crazy D, it sets the scene and the parameters for the whole EP. ‘Drifter’, meanwhile, goes 20,000 league deep. Written especially for last year’s Ghost Town boat party on The Thames, its powerful, swollen bass drone and majestic, dreamy instrumentation are still causing ripples in the river to this day. Deeper into the EP we dig, hitting solid gold treasure with the savage bone rattler ‘Bump This’ and the venomous wobbler ‘Outstanding’ – both key cuts and major highlights of Caspa’s game-changing Secret Stream sessions during our enforced time off-road and away from the clubs. Finally ‘Family’ brings it all together. Loaded with emotion and life- affirming frequencies – not to mention some beautiful goose bumping pianos – it was written especially for Caspa’s 2019 residency at Denver’s iconic Black Box venue, during which he moved his whole family & team over to the US for the experience. Three years later, it still smoulders with sentiment and freshness and acts as the perfect closer for such a deep and
meaningful EP. After limbo comes reality. And it really doesn’t get much realer than this. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next Ghost Town dispatch very very soon. ------- Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud: Subscribe for more exclusive Caspa videos:

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