Monday, October 18, 2021

Vitalic - Haute Definition (Official video)

Single taken from DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1 LP, out 15 October 2021 on Clivage Music Order (physical & digital): Vitalic on tour: Production: Miles Films Production Director: Tristan Tansi Production Managers: Maya Foucal & Alix Director of photography: Florian Solin Post Production: Thomas Floch & Thomas Penot FX: KATLAS Actor.tress: Nariman Bencherifa & Soul Otzenberger Director: Quentin Keriven Label Manager: Elise Nicolas 1st Staging Assistant: Vanessa Payri Production: Miles Films Producer : Alix Production Manager: Tristan Tansi Production Coordinator: Maya Foucal Director of Photography: Florian Solin 1st Assistant Photography: Charles Kapandji 2nd Assistant Photography: Alejandro Adensio Steadicamer: Thomas Gante Set Designer : Julia Bellando Make Up / Hairstyle: Chloé Demoussis Fashion Designer: Karine Marques Ferreira Head Machinist: Dino Fey Machinist: Alexandre Bloch Head Electrician: Clément Deletrain Electrician: Samson Lagorce Electrician: Moriane Charef General Manager / Régiemax: Maxime Baulleret Auxiliary Control: Héloise Vybiral Stage Photographer: Ambre Fraisse Stunt Coordinator: Alain Bour, Stunt Guys Set owner: Antoine Serre Head of Post Production: Thomas Floch Film Editor: Thomas Penot FX: KATLAS

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