Thursday, October 21, 2021

KLOUD - PARASITE (Official Visualizer)


PARASITE, the second single to my upcoming EP 'INFECTED'. To say that the recent few months have not been the most exciting and inspiring times for me as an artist would be a sin not to disclose to you all. This EP is one of my most driving and powerful pieces of work yet, every detail is purposeful and curated, from the producing and directing, all the way down to the editing and coloring, these are all things I am doing as an artist to ensure every ounce of detail that you see in this project is cohesive and represents this project in its truest form. - KLOUD Directed by: KLOUD & Charlie Garcia Produced by: Cold Creek Productions Coloring & Editing by: KLOUD Lasers by: JD3 Lasers Body Paint by: Shilo de Armas Female Actress: Kezley Weathers KLOUD - PARASITE (Official Visualizer) #kloud #parasite #visualizer

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