Thursday, October 14, 2021

Elderbrook - Broken Mirror (Official Music Video)


Powerful. Be kind.... Be authentic...Be-U-tiful.


Broken Mirror by Elderbrook was released on Friday 8th 2021 by Parlophone Records. Download/Stream Broken Mirror here: The EP 'Innerlight' out now: Follow Elderbrook: Elderbrook’s Story: ‘Broken Mirror is about wanting to change yourself, not knowing what version of you is the right one…. I loved Jordan Rossi’s treatment for the video and felt it was important to give him my platform as a stage to tell this story. I loved how intimately Jordan connected with the meaning of the song and how he really made it his own - though his experiences are different to mine it shows that the message of this song transcends through different life experiences and stories. Following a day in the life of a Queer performer (played by Darkwah) the audience witnesses, with unflinching realism, the aggressions and microaggressions that impact personal safety and their mental health. Everything from being stared at in their local corner store to being harassed in the street to having their hair pulled or being touched inappropriately in what should be deemed a “safe space”. Jordan Rossi (Director) says “As a LGBTQ+ working director and photographer, I’m still excluded from so many conversations and projects which is why it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to craft this narrative and film. A big expression of gratitude goes to Elderbrook, his team and the record label who have let us tell this story freely and authentically whilst supporting us at every step of the process.” The support from Elderbrook marks the start of a number of LGBTQIA+ activations that support the community. These range from Instagram live sessions with Elderbrook sharing his platform again with the likes of Jordan and Darkwah to curated Spotify playlists that highlight emerging Queer musicians to an eventual event at a leading LGBTQIA+ venue with proceeds going towards Mermaids - a charity of Jordan and Darkwah’s choice #Elderbrook #BrokenMirror

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