Thursday, June 4, 2020

scarlxrd - QUICK XNE.


I was taken back by an unlikely philosopher of sorts. She told me "Life is LOUD" provocative statement indeed. I can be very loud. The loudest. Everyone in the world has the rite to express there truth no matter what. Let's get loud. Your feelings are valid. Authenticity in it's purest form.




I’ve seen this shit and they come and they go
And it’s evident nobody’s feelin’ you bro
Scar is heaven sent elegance flows through my soul
I’m the veteran better then all of you hoes
There’s no telling when I’m bout to catch up and blow
It’s irrelevant
10% Trying is all
That’s a murder pen
Weapons in right hand and drawn
I’m maleficent I’ll drop a curse on them all
Please don’t try me
Nigga don’t try
Hush your lips
Your better not likely
Most of y'all like me
Act like just like
On my wealth? that’s very unlikely
Why would they try spite me
They just bite
Then act like they ain't heard nothing by me
I’ll quit hyping I see typing
You ain’t got lyrics your trash on my ting.
Making it dirty
They keepin it clean
No I can’t give em mercy
I’m making a scene
All the chat isn’t worth it
They broke and they weak
I’m not passing the burdens
I see what I see
Living this shit to the fullest
Let them all doubt imma get up and do it
Pull and foul nah you won’t ever do it
Gone of the liquor senses are fluent
Hold on
Get the gloves and the mask on
Don’t make me turn gully yeah Scarlxrd's fully a mad man
Spill blood straight on the masters
They can’t flow they’re actors
Throw two shots then evade
Knock back two shots up and away
You kept quiet that’s a lucky escape
If I black out then I’m catching a case
Been sick of this shit
Keep it coming I’m immune to it
chewing on my fist
All this tension I’m still loosing it
gotta get a grip
Like it’s difficult
We know it is
karmas' got you bitch
On the centrefold off coffins. dig.
Let me kick back and then calm it uh
The shit that you thinking is toxic uh
I see you heads up filled with gossip uh
I’ve been around And I’m yet to be proud
Man I’m guessing my mental has fucked it yh
Level the sound yeah you see I’m about
Yeah I really be on some last boss shit yuh
No they can not relate
Get the fuck out my face
No they can not relate
Get the fuck out my face
silence, I’ve already given up
Flows on ten
but Im not giving into silence
I know the feeling
Head back now we wanna see you run.

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