Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ganja White Night x Caspa - Mr. Fix It

In this day of social media I guess their is always a Mr. or Mrs. "FIX IT" Ganja White Night teaming up with Caspa! This collaboration could never be anything less than eagerly anticipated. Ganja White Night stepping into the next faze  of creativity. The release of ' THE ONE ' is massive. The collaborations keep coming. Releasing a ton of video content over night. You can listen to the album on all platforms. Watch all the visuals on YouTube with over 15 videos. GWN collaborating with Boogie T & Apashe! Neon visuals , illustrated to the nines are a step above the rest. A perfect storm. The heavy bass is here.  Sub Carbon Records killing it. The bass is insane. The artists on this label are pure fire. 


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