Sunday, October 20, 2019

Calyx & Teebee - 'The Fog'

Calyx & Teebee
The Fog



'The Fog' sees Calyx & Teebee reveal a new facet of their ‘Plates’
project, which now encompasses five records, each highlighting a
different chapter of their historic careers that have spanned three
decades. From ‘War Dub’ through to ‘The Fog’, there’s a host of styles
mastered. ‘The Fog’ is another look into Calyx & Teebee’s huge array
of sounds and production techniques, with an unrelenting drive that’s
pushed by guttural basses and heaving subs.

Turning their heads away from current music fads and instead staying
true to the unique identity that has made them such an identifiable
force, Calyx & Teebee's ‘Plates’ series highlights why they have
remained a leading light for Ram Records and its long-standing
reputation. The duo is back with the zig-zagging stabs, hypnotic pads
and rolling drum breaks of ‘The Fog’; showing that the ‘Plates’ series
continues to broaden its breath-taking diversity


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