Thursday, September 26, 2019


"The thing ALL of us are always trying to do is find that elusive spark of inspiration. It’s all around us but also nowhere at the same time it’s like the dark matter of the creative universe! So one thing that I’ve always tried to do is find opportunities to harness organic energy. I’ve found when it comes to making and playing music it is the essence of not only making something sick, but having a great time doing it, which is way more important of course! It’s funny when you just *roll* with something, work hard but with no expectations really cool shit can happen. This year at Hard Summer Fest was a really great opportunity to put that into play. This is just a small little window into how I met Annie Shred aka DREAMEATER and ended up in the studio and then on stage together a few weeks later. As always I had a great time playing for Y’all, and was a real honor and filled me with pride to bring my family to the show to hang for the first time ever too! 🤘thank you to Guerilla McGavin for putting this video together there is two parts here. Thanks brother! Love u guys see ya again some day soon! ❤️ "


The song is - Seven Lions x KTN - the blood VIP - guitars by Annie of course

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