Sunday, September 22, 2019

Don Diablo - Never Change | Official Music Video

Don Diablo takes us back to innocence with his new visual. " Never Change " Official Music Video. Sunday morning blogging... Editing live shots from artists I have covered for years. So much has changed.  That said, the greatest choice ever made was to support underground. Don Diablo smashes with this  Bruce Hornsby & The Range - "The Way It is" rerub.  I can remember this song being a huge hit. Album The Bottom Line, New York, September 2nd, 1986 .... Good times. I can tell you the world is not the same. The innocence is lost but this song takes me back to an innocent time.  Don Diablo continues to excel and stay creative with high energy electronic dance tracks.


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Never Change has been many years in the making. Bruce Hornsby made the ultimate 80’s classic with “The Way It Is” and I’ve always wanted to bring back THAT amazing piano melody. I personally grew up with the 2Pac track “Changes”, which also sampled Bruce Hornsby and became the ultimate soundtrack of many teenagers in the 90s, myself included. I wanted to respectfully create a version for this generation to continue the legacy. I have been testing it out in my sets and the reactions were so strong that I had to make this my next single. New sounds for a new generation, but with the same undeniable emotion, because some things will never change. I also wanted to make a music video for you guys that brings back some amazing moments both on tour as well as some scenes from my personal film roll. Hope you guys enjoy! Much LOVE to you all. Always and FOREVER...

- Don -

Filmed and edited by Jessey Bijl
Executive Producer: Don Diablo

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