Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Apashe - Good News (Official Music Video)

Apashe dives deep into the darker side. "Good News" is fake news in this new world of perception. People love to snap on their televisions. Pull out some snacks and revel at the bass pouring out of their surround sound. Not putting any thought into who, what makes the music they hear in every movie, commercial, sound bite.... This is because  artists like Apashe exist! Sound engineers create every second of the score /  soundtrack to our lives.  Our world rarely stops to recognize the realities and sheer scope of  talent, creativity and reach. Apashe is EVERYWHERE! This track and many others from producer Apashe will be commercialized for years to come. Apashe has a timeless sound that marketers absolutely love. A true artist can never be denied. In this new visual your perception is YOUR reality..... 


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Apashe delivers a majestic music video for his hit 'Good News.' Sometimes fake news becomes real news; your perception is your reality.

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Video credits

Producer: Erika-Elyzabeth Korzer

Director: Adrian Villagomez

Director of photography: Jonathan Brisebois

Motion designer: Gautier Spiser

Artistic Direction: Geneviève Boiteau

Gaffer / Key Grip: Nicolas Lesage, Claire Giblet, Graham GS

1st assistant to the director: Antoine Rail

2nd assistant to the director: Anouk Cazalis

1st camera assistant: Charlie Laigneau & Mathilde Lytwynuk

Production coordinator: Daniel Delaney

Production assistant: Tom Vial

Assistant gaffers / grip: William Korzer & Fiona Cully

Choreographers: Maïka Giasson & Miranda Chan

Motion Designer: Eduard_ov

Set P.A.: Katia Ranger

Assistants to the art director: Mathilde Jalbert, Rosalie Fortier & Frédérique Carrier

MUA: Marianne Pelletier, Patricia Lapointe & Chanelle Bohémier

MUA assistant: Mélina Di Bernardo


Girl: Arielle Fournier

Main business man: Pierre-François Bouffard

Dancers: Carlos Mendoza, Charles Brecard, Laurent Voodoo Chalifour, Maïka Giasson, Nicolas Perez

Vandals: Florence Carrier, Lola-Lou Fergeau-Mariko, Victor Martin, Rosemarie Hamel, Miriam Brassard, Sawyer Gilker, James Imalas, Alec Lemonde, Laurence Wells, Jean Olivier Laguerre, Jay Pst

Business men: Richard Bélanger, Jean-François Blaisel, Julien Lacoste, Angel Villagomez, Tommy James Dufresne

Concept by John De Buck & Adrian Villagomez

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