Monday, October 1, 2018

World's largest sequencer (played by Symbiz feat. INSTANT)

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We wanted to pay tribute to the most influential mechanical instrument in club culture, so we've created this gigantic beast and stationed it outside the iconic Berlin club Tresor.
The RBMA-20 is the largest step sequencer in the world: 10m long, 2.2m high, 600 kg, and armed with 427 knobs.

► Want to try it - just come by Tresor!
During the club's opening hours, the sequencer can be tested and programmed with new grooves and beat patterns with the help of on-site experts.

► Artists in this video:
► Symbiz -

► About the installation:
Filmed as part of the Red Bull Music Festival Berlin 2018. Throughout October 2018, synthesizers and drum machines will also become a part of Berlin’s urban landscape, as subway and tram cars disguised as famous pieces of gear travel through the city. From Roland’s TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 to Korg's MS-20, Native Instruments' Maschine and Ableton's Push, these machines have shaped club culture in Berlin and influenced music.


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