Thursday, October 25, 2018

RISE Remix ft. BOBBY (바비) of iKON | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends

Reaching the peak takes more than skill. Only those with the ambition to RISE above all others will know its height.

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Listen Now:

Vocals performed by: BOBBY(바비) of iKON, Mako, and The Word Alive
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Written by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Additional writing by: Justin Tranter
Produced by: Riot Music Team, Alex Seaver of Mako, and The Glitch Mob
Additional production by: BOBBY(바비) of iKON and HEALTH
Mixed by: Miles Walker at Silent Sound Studios
Assisted by: Ryan Jumper
Mastered by: Riot Music Team

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