Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aether - a collaboration between Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club

Developing this new form of visual show with Architecture Social Club. It’s called Aether, and it’s a 3-dimensional light field installation which hangs over you, so you can explore the morphing audio-linked forms.

We will be bringing Aether to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts Brighton 4-6 October with a live performance from me with the system on the 4th, and an installation format running at other times throughout.

Aether will also be coming to Impact Regio, CCHA/cultuurcentrum Hasselt in Belgium 4-7 November.

It’s a beautiful visual experience, I hope you can come and enjoy it with us!

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Aether is an experience grounded in beauty, intensity and immersion. A new form of installation and live performance system born from the convergence between music, art and architecture. Audiences explore a 3-dimensional light field suspended overhead, each twist and flow of the shimmering waves synced to musical form. The system is named after the Luminiferous Aether*, creating a new canvas for expression and storytelling in everyday spaces.

The project is a collaboration between electronic musician, Max Cooper, and architectural design studio Architecture Social Club. The two have been experimenting and exploring ideas for a new type of audio-visual experience for years, with Aether being the culmination of this process.

Aether tells a story of human creation and destruction, with 3D projections providing visually mapped statistics of the successes and disasters of human endeavour – beginning with fire, logical thought and construction, technology, communication and monetisation. An interpretation of the aesthetics of “progress” presented alongside their mixed effects on wider society.

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"If a swarm of fireflies trained to perform a synchronised dance routine suddenly flew into an indie rock show, it might look something like DJ-cum-artist Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club’s mind-blowing installation, Aether. "
- The Creators Project / Vice

“The Artichoke team loved the concept of Aether from the very minute we saw it. The piece proved one of the most popular in the whole festival. It was great, after all the months of planning, to finally see ASC’s & Max Coopers vision realised. Even better was to witness the reaction the work provoked. It was a really great experience all round.”
- Helen Marriage, Director, Artichoke, Lumiere

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the talented Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club to present Aether at Lumiere London 2018. With it’s perfect fusion of performance, design, music and light, Aether was a huge crowd-pleaser and the audience response to the work was joyous. Young and old alike were transfixed, gazing at the installation with beatific grins, breaking into spontaneous applause at the end of each cycle. Aether was a standout highlight of Lumiere and we hope that the work goes on to be seen by audiences worldwide.”
- Miriam Nelken, Producer, Lumiere London 2018

"I went back to see Aether the following day and I found it to be really awe-inspiring. It’s not often that you come across a work that conjures up so many feelings and ideas..."
- Maryssa Cook-Obregón, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

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