Friday, March 16, 2018

Sex, Drugs & EDM


  With the most recent sexual deviant accusations falling on the shoulders of EDM dubstep giant Datsik. The internet is on fire with passionate posts in regard to emotional experiences of volatile behavior resulting in the mistreatment and violation of women. Datsik is not the first to be accused and certainly not the last. Whether you believe him to be guilty or innocent the case does not look good. Mounting evidence of personal accounts and emerging screenshots of belittling posts glorifying rape culture will  no doubt bury him.

Approaching this issue with "gentle gloves" I was  very thorough when investigating these claims against Datsik.  What I discovered was nothing new.  A deep dark culture of entitled over-aged sometimes middle-aged men taking advantage of  young girls in bad situations. Some of these artists know exactly what they are doing!

Most aspiring male underground music artists are just that... "aspiring" with no real fame or fortune many of these artists are thirsty for any scrap of attention they can reap. A woman doesn't have to be conscious for a man to perceive consent. Apparently according to some artists on Facebook... If an artist did not force a girl to over drink or consume drugs then they have zero responsibility in their own actions thereafter. Really? Is this what we have become?  I am disgusted with  what I have listened to over and over... There is no place in professionalism for these individuals.  BellaBassFly has a zero tolerance for sexual deviants. 

Lets not pretend that I have not seen these artists in action some artists over 40+ years old trying to befriend young girls 16, 17 years old stage side at "all ages shows"  Oh believe me I have had an eyeful of some of these artists. I will not put them on blast now... The point is, I see you! 

The ladies of this industry will not be allowing poor behavior any longer. We ladies now have a heightened responsibility.  Artists need to understand and respect their audience.  Treating your fans like garbage is not respectable. Some of you artists talk about fans like  they are bacteria and these people built you!  Artist should be kissing the proverbial ground of those that lift you up.  We must hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

The larger problem here some would say is drug and alcohol consumption. I agree, however I believe entitlement is the larger issue. No morality or self respect . Most of these artists have girlfriends and wives at home when behaving poorly.  Make no mistake we are looking out for one another. If a woman is not coherent you are violating her! Entitled artists never last long in this industry because we have a way of weeding them out.  What goes up must come down.... Humility is everything!

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