Sunday, March 11, 2018

Open Studio: Like ships in the night

Open Studio is a video series that takes you inside the studios and creative spaces of Banff Centre's artists.

"Like ships in the night" centres around a journey that Montreal-based, Algonquin artist and filmmaker Caroline Monnet took in the summer of 2012, where she boarded a ship docked at the Dutch port of Ijmuiden, on the coast west of Amsterdam. What ensued was a twenty-two-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, documented by the artist via handheld Mini DV.

Monnet critiques the colonial, industrial and economic interchange between Canada and Europe as an indigenous woman. Like ships in the night speaks to the interconnectedness and the diversity of views that shape our place within the world, shedding light on the given historical and cultural complexities of our contemporary colonial context.

This solo exhibition in the Walter Phillips Gallery was curated by former WPG Curator, Peta Rake.

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