Friday, April 2, 2021

Ganja White Night - Trinity | Single | Music Video | Animation | Dark Wobble EBO Illustration

The graphic motion these visuals contain are absolutely outstanding! I think each and every music video outdoes itself every single time! is simply one of a kind and off the charts with his color manipulation and one of a kind graphics. I catch myself lost in his creativity within these powerfully majestic sounds of holy choirs pulsating through the deep bass of dark wobble!


The next chapter is here… Dark Wobble is back!! "Trinity" our new single & music video is out now exclusively on YouTube!! Album drops on 4/20/21 Animation by: Follow Ganja White Night FB - Twitter - Instagram - Soundcloud - Spotify : Web : Follow Subcarbon Records - WEB: - FB: - YT: - TW: - SC: - IG: - Spotify playlist: - Twitch: - Submissions:

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