Wednesday, May 1, 2024

CRAZY BROKE ASIAN l Official Trailer

Crazy Broke Asian is a 6 part-docuseries incorporating animation (sneak peak coming soon!) that is 10 years in the making. CROWDFUNDING Help us make complete the post production 😩! : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRAZY BROKE ASIAN started off as a need to gain my parents love and has evolved over the past 10 years into a film that aims to do the Asian immigrant experience justice. The one-person crew also evolved into a small independent production house, PARLOUS HOUSE. RUNNING TIME 6 episodes of 30min each, totalling 180min (3 hours) SYPNOSIS Céline is a closeted, depressed and failed med-student struggling with severe ADHD. But upon meeting “the Love of her Life,” she finds the courage to move out of her traditional Vietnamese household and become a “world-class artist” in hopes of gaining her parents’ approval. In parallel, she films the entire journey to make an “autobiographical documentary”… without really knowing what the f*** she is doing. OST by @MelvinTsui SOCIALS PARLOUS HOUSE Website: YouTube: @parloushouse Instagram:   / crazybr0keasian     / parloushouse   TikTok:   / crazybrokeasian   Twitter:   / parloushouse  

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