Friday, March 29, 2024

Duckworthsound and Dread MC arrive with explosive new single 'The Grind'

Duckworthsound has launched a trailblazing record label ‘Duckplates’, one which is pushing the boundaries of electronic music, especially through their latest single ‘The Grind’ featuring the vocal talents of Dread MC. Set to drop on March 29th, this record brings unparalleled energy, with Dread’s dynamic penmanship oozing over the bass house sonics Duckworthsound has perfected throughout his career. 

From its pulsating basslines through to the captivating voice of Dread, ‘The Grind’ remains setting the standards of Duckworthsound. Known for his infectious stage presence, Dread MC boasts an array of previous collaborators, including artists FooRChris LorenzoAC Slater, and many more names. Having showcased his work on some of the scene’s biggest imprints, he joins Duckworthsound, who’s spent nearly a decade crafting his title within bass music. Touring the globe extensively, having played headline shows in countries from the UK to MalaysiaDuckworthsound has also engineered an incredible base for his music. Which can be seen already from its support, from tastemakers worldwide.

Duckworthsound demonstrates his ability to step into a myriad of genres through ‘The Grind’, something which will continue as his record label grows in the coming years. 

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Duckworthsound & Dread MC live from Pirate Studio in London. Celebrating the launch of Duckworthsound & Dread MC's imprint - Duckplates along with the debut single release "The Grind" forthcoming. Showcasing upcoming music from both artists including unreleased originals, remixes, edits and flips from a wide genre and variety of bass and dance music - including bass house, bassline, UKG, Dubstep, Jersey club, Breakbeat, Trap, 140 and much much more - truly covering all bases of electronic dance music that Duckplates represents. Also including incredible tracks both released and unreleased from various artist's including Nostalgix, Nubass, Gentlemens Club, DJ Q, Hamdi, Joker and more

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