Friday, December 8, 2023

INNELLEA & FLOWDAN Collaboration - Forward Forever (Official video)

Listen to Forward Forever: Pre-save my upcoming Album "THE BELONGING": "Forward Forever" is a collaboration with Grime Godfather Flowdan and 3rd single of my debut Album and upcoming Live Tour Project "The Belonging". With "Forward Forever", we are moving towards the next stage of my Album Project, "The Belonging": a collective experience of catharsis — the process of releasing and finding relief from strong or repressed emotions. Let's leave the darkness behind us and move Forward together. This cathartic essence permeates not only the album itself, but also extends to the accompanying music videos, anticipating its profound presence in my upcoming Live set Tour. As personal crises are part of life, we want to go through this journey collectively and catch everyone around us to get out of this together. From a state where some of us might be silent, burned out and deformed, leading to the spirit of the time asking ourselves “Where do we belong?”. Together, we will go forward forever through all the Insanity until we reach a state in which we know „We Belong in here!”. The story behind our collaboration: A couple of festivals back, I had this incredibly inspiring moment. There was this captivating sound which resonated with me, specifically through a voice I could not recognize yet enchanted me. Fast forward a few years later, “Forward Forever” was created using that same exact acapella from “Welcome to London” for it as a place holder. I couldn’t contain myself and simply had to contact the artist behind that voice, Flowdan, and requested him to collaborate and work on this new piece together. Little did we know we would be sharing the same stage during my last live tour, performing that piece itself. Here we are now, sharing the fruit of our work: “Forward Forever” A heartfelt appreciation goes out to my dear friend Marco Fumolo for his exceptional work in writing and directing this incredible music video. His openness in sharing a personal story has become my greatest source of inspiration for the album. I extend my sincere gratitude to the whole team, to MEIOSIS, PIAS, and all involved for their invaluable contributions to this project. _ Credits: Written and Directed by: Marco Fumolo Executive Producer: Adrian Gulati, Marco Fumolo Man: Ferdinand Schladitz Woman: Shali Bordoni BO$$: Mason Antonio Fardowe Woman extra: Mena Matondo Director of Photography: Adrian Gulati 1st AC: Paul Strand 2nd AC: Leopold Seidl Steadycam: Christoph Werner Drone Operator: Lukas Maurer 1st AD: Sven Hertlein Producer: Nils Engelmann Production Assistant: Angelina Ernst Production Assistant: Aleksandar Bozicic Gaffer: Rainer Trautmann Best Boy: Nico Schwendner SFX MakeUp: Julia Waibel Sound Mixer: Roman Schwartz Sound Assistant: Ben Frank Styling: Cung-My Phan Precision Driver: Alexander Matern CGrip Driver: Markus Reichelt CGrip Crane Technician: Till Treutler CGrip Movi Technician: Tobi Bloier Edited by: David Herbst Colorist: Johan Nurmilehto Sound: Berg&Dahl Supervising Post Producer: David Herbst Rental: ARRI Rental Photographer: Kaj Lehner Graphic Designer: Yvonne Dunker Artist Management: MEIOSIS Special Thanks: Franzine, Ulrike Hüll-Fumolo, Shilpa, Korbinian Maier, Sarah Fletcher, Burhan KFZ, Albert Czompel/Autohaus Gehardt _ Listen to INNELLEA on Spotify: Subscribe to the channel:    / @innellea   Follow INNELLEA: Instagram:   / innellea   Facebook:   / innellea   Tiktok:   / innellea   Soundcloud:   / innellea   Folllow FLOWDAN: Instagram:   / big_flowdan   Facebook:   / bigflowdan   Tiktok:   / big_flowdan   Soundcloud:   / bigflowdan  

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