Friday, November 10, 2023

Worth It. (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

RAYE, The Heritage Orchestra - Worth It (Live at The Royal Albert Hall) ft. Flames Collective 'My 21st Century Symphony.' Live at the Royal Albert Hall - Listen/Buy: An Aldgate Pictures Production Live & Creative Production RAH show produced by Moomba Productions Director - Colleen Lee Executive Producer – RAYE Producers - Amy James and Stefan Demetriou Editor - Sian Lattimer Colourist - Tom Knowles Post production Facility - The Joint Executive Producers for RAYE - Paul Keen, Sarah Keen, J Erving, Sarah Haddow Audio Mix by - Tom Gelissen Sound Engineers - Jonny Williams, Ron Peeterson Conductor – Tom Richards Musical Director - Pete Clements With thanks to the Malcolm Ryan Studios, Royal Albert Hall (@royalalberthall), Heritage Orchestra (@heritageorchestra) and Flames Collective (@flamescollective_) Special thanks to RAYE's Band - Matt Brooks, Liv Thompson, Dani Bernard, Paul Murray Distro & Artist Team - Jonelle Ahiligwo, Hannah Celnikier, Thomas Van Melkebeek, Mikey Robbins, Rebekah Douglas, Alexandra Dairo

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