Sunday, November 12, 2023

INNELLEA - SILENCE feat. Maurice Kaar (Official Video)

Listen to SILENCE: Pre-save my upcoming Album "THE BELONGING": “Silence” is the opening single of my debut Album and upcoming Live Tour Project “The Belonging”. The full concept is a collective experienced catharsis, the process of releasing and providing relief from strong or repressed emotions. As personal crises are part of life, we want to go through this journey collectively and catch everyone around us to get out of this together. From a state where some of us might be silent, burned out and deformed, leading to the spirit of the time asking ourselves “Where do we belong?”. Together, we will go forward forever through all the Insanity until we reach a state in which we know „We Belong in here!”. "Silence" portrays the experience of losing ourselves under external pressures and not being accepted for who we truly are. We hope that one day this will change, even though the world often presents a different reality. "In the depths of my emotions, I am weary, submerged in a vast sea of melancholy. Where does my soul find its home? Where do I belong? A hand is offered as I cling to a precipice with but a single grasp. I can merely see the path but the journey lies in walking through it. Upon reaching the journey's end, transformed and fortified, I find only the resonance of togetherness and the profound sense of arrival. I BELONG IN HERE!" _ Thank you to my very good friend Marco Fumolo for sharing his personal story with me, making it my greatest inspiration for the album. Thank you to MEIOSIS, PIAS and everyone involved for their invaluable contributions in this project. Credits: Written and Directed by: Marco Fumolo Music by: INNELLEA Vocals by: Maurice Kaar Production Company: Friends & Fellows Executive Producer: Adrian Kuchenreuther, Marco Fumolo Boy 1: Daniel Meischl Boy 2: Harvey Almond Child 1: Mohammed Nasrat Child 2: Romeo Delarami Director of Photography: Adrian Kuchenreuther 1st AC: Paul Strand 2nd AC: Maurice Klemm Drone Operator: Armin Kottek, Christian Geiselbrechtinger 1st AD: Sven Hertlein Production Coordinator: Frank Weismann Production Assistant: Angelina Ernst Lighting Crew: Felix Eckardt, Vinzenz Gudden SFX MakeUp: Julia Waibel On Set Sound: Daniel Jocher Set Design: Franziska Ganzer Styling: Mirjana Hecht Edited by: Marc Heinemann Colorist: Johan Nurmilehto Rental: FGV Schmidle Photographer: Kaj Lehner Graphic Designer: Yvonne Dunker Artist Management: MEIOSIS Special Thanks: Franzine, Ulrike Hüll-Fumolo, Shilpa, David Herbst, Korbi Maier, Laura Woernhoer, Markus Rottmaier, Nik Kohler, Julia Todorow, Lea Gebert von Producers Friend, Thu-Ha von Casting Family, Ferdinand Schladitz. _ Listen to INNELLEA on Spotify: Subscribe to the channel:    / @innellea   Follow on Socials: Instagram:   / innellea   Facebook:   / innellea   Tiktok:   / innellea   Soundcloud:   / innellea  

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