Friday, August 18, 2023

Polo G - Barely Holdin' On (Official Video)

 Polo G has so much talent and changed the lives of so many. Reading that he may potentially retire on X/ Twitter platform is sobering. We all have to do what is best for us but I hope he continues to make music. This visual hits home because many of us come from less than perfect backgrounds. Life is not always easy and pretending it is easy is exceptionally unhealthy. Ignoring life’s lessons will never help you prosper. Sharing your story is beneficial to others. Music would not exist if it was not for individuals sharing their trials and tribulations. Fake people have an image to maintain and REAL people do not. We are eternally grateful for the art of music and hope Polo G can continue to open peoples eyes to the realities of life. If somebody does not want to hear your story you are obviously talking to the wrong people. God bless each and every individual struggling with their own personal growth. You are worthy.


Official Music Video for “Barely Holdin' On” by Polo G Listen & Download “Barely Holdin' On” by Polo G out now: Amazon Music - Apple Music - Audiomack - Deezer - iTunes - SoundCloud - Spotify - Tidal - YouTube Music - Follow Polo G Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - #PoloG #HoodPoet #BarelyHoldinOn

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